The Switzer Dynasty

Switzer, Bleviss, Cyngiser, Belzberg, Aizenman, Fishman, Singer, & Farber 

Written by Mel and Deana Fishman

The dynasty began with Wolf Baer Switzer in Radom Poland. Bella Switzer, daughter of Wolf Baer, and her husband Abraham, came to Canada from Radom, Poland, after their marriage in 1905. They settled in the Toronto area where their first son, Hymie, was born.

In 1907 Bella Singer and her son returned to her family in Poland, while her husband traveled out West, resettling in Calgary. When Bella and Hymie returned to Canada in 1910, she was followed by her nephews, 12 year old Charlie Switzer and 14 year old Sol Bleviss. It was her plan to save the Switzer family by bringing them over.

The family migration to Calgary became full blown after World War 1, when tickets were sent for Charlie’s oldest brother Meyer, his wife Etta and baby daughter Lily; younger brother Dave Switzer; and uncle Myer Switzer, Bella Singer’s younger brother. They arrived together on July 1, 1920.

Each time a member was brought over it was their responsibility to do the same. That is how the family grew to number guestimated at 1400 and how Bella earned her family name of Mema ( or Auntie ) Singer, as the titular matriarch of the family in the new world.

Today, Switzer family members, all the descendants of Wolf Baer Switzer of Radom Poland live throughout North America, Israel and indeed, worldwide numbering in total approximately 1,550 individuals in six generations.

In celebration of the anniversary of our continued growth in Calgary and around the globe, members of the Switzer family will continue to celebrate our continued growth and diversity as we recall our beginnings which began with Wolf Baer.


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